About us

Pandora Times is an innovative News Platform for readers to vote on content they want funded.

Readers: donate to a crowdfunding pool from which articles with 100 votes or more get 300 HKD.

Journalists: Sign up, send your pitch to bryan.galvan(at)pandoratimes.com and we will edit them for you. Content commissioned by Pandora Times receives 500 HKD, and you’re eligible to receive 300 HKD more with 100 likes.

Problems Today

Trust in news media is in decline

Advertising is driving profit incentives in news media

Algorithms feed confirmation bias

Falling numbers of full time jobs in journalism

No significant interaction between readers and journalists

Our Solution

A news platform where readers can vote on content to:

BE ON THE FRONT PAGE and get more views

GET FUNDS from crowdsourced pool

SUGGEST CONTENT for writers to cover

Journalists can submit content to get:

EDITED For accuracy, readability

PUBLISHED Exposure to new users

FUNDS From votes gained

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